Testimonials (& Awards)


“Everything is just immaculate, if I were to use the words sexy and divine in one sentence, then I would use them to describe this web site!!!! You’ve done a great job!!! If creativity could kill you would be a weapon of mass destruction.”

George Syrmalis, Director – IQnovate

“I just picked up the finished catalogues today and I wanted to say Thank You for such an excellent job!

It has really been a pleasure working with you and I strongly believe that the end result has achieved our initial intended purpose as discussed in our first meeting.

You’ve been great throughout the entire process from proof of concepts to communication and I appreciate the effort that you’ve put into the catalogue.”

Tom Chan, Marketing Director – Lamellar

“It looks fabulous and what’s more, I had 3 meetings today and each of them commented on how good our folder looked. My main appointment really loved it and commented on how well it was done.

Huge thanks to you and the team for a superb job – you were a joy to work with. I will be back soon to get more things done so let’s consider this the start of our professional relationship!”

Rick Wootton, Director – Ximula

“I was a bit worried what the first draft would look like, given the minimal amount of direction I gave last week. But you have surprised me again, and confirmed why I would only go to Emedia. This is absolutely it!

Colours, text, icons – everything excellent. I expected this to take a fair bit longer to get right, as we haven’t even got around to planning a new menu yet – but this will be it!”

David Johnston, General Manager – Moore Park Hotel

“Thank you for another successful print job, your creative team and customer focus has impressed once again.”

Peter Thompson – Hilton Sydney

“Emedia Creative won our business because they demonstrated a clear communication strategy with creative direction and a practical approach. The results have been evident – this year we achieved the highest ever sales volume result for UD Nissan Diesel since UD Trucks (Oceania) was formed in Australia. Emedia’s creative direction has contributed to giving UD Nissan Diesel a consistent brand position differentiating itself within the industry.”

Steven Karpathios, Marketing Manager – UD Nissan Diesel

“The presentation you did for the Qantas staff was excellent. We were extremely satisfied with the end result and speed of delivery we received.”

Eva Strallas, Business Development Co-ordinator – Qantas