Design Process

Design Process

Identifying the Opportunity

It all begins with an idea that has the power to differentiate a product or service.

Step One: Needs Analysis (5 to 10 mins)

Initial discussion about your design requirements to help us develop a clear understanding of the project. The analysis can take place over the phone, in your office, or ours. This involves considering the following:

Step Two: Design Proposal (48 Hours)

Based on the needs analysis we will produce a Design Proposal with an estimate of costs and approximate time line required.

Designing the Difference

Design is the process that takes the idea from an insight to a tangible form.

Step Three: Creative (3 to 4 days)

Once the Design Proposal has been finalised and approved, you’ll be allocated your own designer who will contact you to discuss and help develop the creative brief. We’ll then research your competition, market trends and your target market. The designer will commence work on your project with the research and brief in mind to ensure a positive solution.

Step Four: Design Presentation (1 to 2 days)

Concepts are presented for your feedback. This process will continue until project approval and completion.

Step Five: Final Preparations (1 to 2 days)

Your job will be prepared for its intended use and set up to specification as required.

The Design Payoff

The design, with its unique characteristics, will create top-of-mind awareness, position the brand and help generate sales.

Step Six: Project Evaluation

After the job has been completed your feedback is important to evaluate how the piece is performing. This also helps us develop an ongoing, deeper understanding of your product and to plan for future growth and continuous improvement.